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Big Gigantic Trounces ROMT Tomorrow!

A pic I took from Big Gigantic's last show at ROMT.

How do you describe a sound bigger than big? How about "Gigantic"? And, if you want to get even larger than that just combine the two and get "Big Gigantic" which means a dose of sound so immense you fall over in its presence. I have to think that's what the two members of Big Gigantic were thinking about when naming their electronic/instrumental duo back in 2008 when they formed.

Big Gigantic are back in town Saturday night at Royal Oak Music Theatre to play in front of a packed house. I spoke to Jeremy Salken, the drummer of the duo and while I didn't ask him about their name, we did talk about their tour, how their music came to be and what it takes to be a premier electronic music artist.

Jeremy explains that, "Big Gigantic began with making dance music and building beats, but we wanted to do something more with the builds and drops in our songs.Since we both played traditional instruments, Sax and drums, we made them a key part of our sound to add more impact and separate us."

He goes on to say that they look at their music as being very cinematic and that's the approach they take. "We want our music to get at certain emotions with our audience. Whether it's getting at a sad or happy emotion, our music is going to make you feel something."

Big Gigantic hail from Denver, which along with Pretty Lights, Paper Diamond and a host of other electronic acts is a real hot bed for jamming electronic artists. Jeremy adds, "Colorado is a place for creative types and those of us in the electronic music community helped each other out. We push each other and check out each other's stuff. It's a great scene and the fan base there is tremendous."

We end our conversation with Jeremy offering some advice to other electronic artists that are just starting out. "You've got to figure out your social media presence and how to spread the word. Our fans are amazing at spreading the word about us to their friends. You should also try to open for your friend's bands and don't be afraid to give away your music. With the tools we have, creating our music is inexpensive,  so we give it away to get people to listen. There's a much bigger picture to being an electronic artist than just releasing music. It's about playing live, selling merchandise and communicating with fans."

After their show on Saturday, I'll be back with a review, pictures and a few more comments from Jeremy.

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