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Star Wars Night with the Detroit Derby Girls

Rather than bombard you with a derby posting that's crammed with photos, I'll give you a post that's all Star Wars.
 "You'll have to show us your Imperial credentials before we can let you in"
 Stormtrooper uniforms don't make for quick bathroom breaks.
In a cross franchise move, U.S.S. DentHerPrize shows a new take on the R2-D2 costume.
This is probably the best Darth Vader costume recreation I've ever seen.
 Trooper foul.
Chewbacca proves to Feta Sleeze of the Devil's Night Dames who has the bigger mane of hair.
 Captain Fatal Femme of the D-Funk Allstars.
Co-Captain Mad Hatcher and Ally Sin Shoverland.
Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru would not approve of Luke's new party lifestyle.

All photos by Dan Bachorik