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Show Preview: Gaslight Anthem With Bouncing Souls and Matt Mays

Gaslight anthem is bringing Bouncing Souls and Matt Mays out on tour! I've only seen live performances of Gaslight Anthem on TV and online, I have to say I am pretty excited to finally be able to see them. There newest album was released last year in 2012 titled " Handwritten". opening for Gaslight anthem is legendary punk rock band Bouncing Souls, this is one of my all time favorite bands and every time I see them they never disappoint. If you are looking for a crazy pit look no further, with all of their up beat music it gets crazy. I am telling you DO NOT MISS THEM. Opening the whole show is Matt Mays, Matt is a singer and song writer out of Canadian. He has a nice alternative rock sound, just from listing to his new mix tape I can tell he will fit in with the crowd and mood of the show!

 The show is at The Fillmore March 3 come get tickets here: