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Fashion for a Roof

Artists gather to raise money to buy Brenda a new roof. Local business owners and artists are gathering to show support and raise money in a community effort. Designers showing include Fotoula Lambros Design featuring her spring preview, Noir Leather showing 50 Shades of Noir, and Maestros Dog Haus with fashions for canines. 100% of ticket proceeds will go to the cause. There will be a performance by Doppelganger Circus Freaks and a silent auction.

Brenda Brown. A seemingly common name for a very uncommon woman. Brenda, 64 years young, lives in a neat and orderly community in Highland Park, Michigan. She holds her head high as she struggles through sporadic work-days of Managing catering events at the Masonic Temple. While keeping in mind her 98 year old Mother and the caring of her 46 year old Mentally Disabled Son she ekes out her living while living through an exhausting and debilitating disease.
Over some eight years ago, Brenda was struck down with sudden kidney failure. Her kidneys now function at only 9% and she administers her own 8 hour long dialysis through a port in her abdomen. Daily dosages are awaiting her piled high in boxes delivered monthly. Michigan has the longest waiting list of recipients for Kidney Donations in the nation. To meet the criteria simply to get on the list is a long and daunting process involving a lot of money and time. Something Brenda Brown does not have. Brenda is not complaining though. She is a strong, pleasant and caring woman. A true survivor holding the respect and admiration of many.
Brenda has a more immediate problem she has no way of surviving at this time. Her roof is leaking like a sieve and slowly destroying the interior of her modest home. Her inquiries tell her it will cost upwards of $10,000. Certainly far beyond her means. With nowhere to reach out for help Brenda watches each day as the waters take its toll on her home and safety. We must help her and what we may offer will be more than she ever hopes to have.
At this time a Fundraiser is in process but, as we all know with these poor economic times, we may not reach our goal. Never- the-less, below you will find the information needed  to attend the Fundraiser and where contributions may be sent. Let's give Brenda a positive chapter in her life.

Tickets can be purchased online or at Noir Leather.