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Wayne "The Train" Hancock

Last Tuesday was proof that real country is still alive! It was not that crap you hear on the radio, this was like a flashback to when Elvis and Johnny Cash ruled the airwaves. The show started off with Patrick Sweany  playing more of a bluesy show, it was just a man and his guitar talking about his problems. I loved this guy, with his raspy voice and catchy songs he put on a great show for just one man.

Wayne "The Train" Hancock took the stage with a bass player and a guitar player. Something awesome about this show was the bass player had an up right bass, out of all the shows I have been to that is the only time I have seen that. On top of that he had such an awesome attitude to his playing, you could tell he was loving what he was doing. A highlight of everyone's night was most likely his solos for sure. Wayne was just awesome! He sang about love, sex, drugs, fighting the law. Towards the end of the show Wayne took a break to go in the back to smoke, but the music did not stop there -- his band had to play until he returned. This show was a great time and a must-see if he comes back!