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City Lights Dark Nights February 9th at the DIA

"Snazzy is as Snazzy Does!"
Gwen Joy is an artist who specializes in colorful folk art paintings. 
Life experience is her subject matter which is translated in a lyrical/mythical fashion.
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From 8 pm to midnight plenty of formally adorned folks feasted on hand crafted cocktails, parmesan cheese and or cajun popcorn, and beef and or chicken sliders on Saturday February 9th. The event raises money for the fashbash which occurs every summer at the DIA. This was a chance to see the photography exhibit Motor City Muse Detroit Photographers then and now.  Included are more than 100 photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Dave Jordano, Karin Jobst, Detroiters Nicola Kuperus, Russ Marshall and Bill Rauhauser. Everything from urban shots, downtown 70s landscapes, and autoshow models are covered in this fun and varied exhibit. The show is up until June 16th.