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Restaurant Review - Morels, Farmington Hills

Last week was Valentine's Day and while I'm not known for my romantic or generous nature this year I thought I'd switch things up a bit and take my wife out for a special dinner. Morels, one of the newer restaurants in the Farmington Hills area was offering a Valentine's Feast that from description alone presented itself as the perfect couple's dinner on a special night. However, I was not prepared for a meal and experience that far exceeded our expectations.
The Valentine's Day Feast features some of Matt Prentice's favorite dishes and is prepared with Morel's Executive Chef, John Breeland, executing the five course meal. The idea of a five course meal can come across as a fairly ambitious and overwhelming experience to some but Morels chose just the right size dishes and variety of tasty sensations that left us savoring the flavor of one dish and eagerly anticipating the next.

We started our meal with a Ricotta Gnocchi appetizer that featured wild mushrooms, butternut squash and blood orange. This dish had a unique and flavorful taste that was the perfect beginning to our dinner.

After that we had a Fire Roasted Red-Pepper and Artichoke Soup followed by a Brussels Sprout Salad (above). The Brussels Sprout Salad was one of the surprises of the night with a fresh brussels sprout leaves and wonderful Cider infused Dried Fruits.

Our principal courses were the  Prime Tenderloin with Lobster Bread Pudding and Cheese and Spinach Ravioli. These entrees were both exquisite in their flavor and presentation. We were both rating this one of our best restaurant experiences and dessert was yet to come.

Our desert moved the experience up to "the best" dinner we're experienced with a White Chocolate Mousse Tart that melted in our mouths with delicious flavor. 

Beyond the Valentine's Day Feast itself we both really enjoyed the tasteful elegance of Morels. The restaurant is a quiet and cozy place with a very good waitstaff. In fact we knew we were in good company when we noticed Mayor Bing was seated across from us quite enjoying his meal. Morel's Valentine's Day Feast was such a good experience I know we'll be frequenting there again and this meal could easily become a tradition.