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Aidan Knight@Garden Bowl

Aidan Knight
Friday, August 9th, at the Garden Bowl

Victoria BC quintet Aidan Knight and their namesake songwriter who will make their Detroit debut, Aug. 9th at the Garden Bowl in support of their U.S. debut album, Small Reveal, which arrived in stores July 23rd.  Small Reveal is a gorgeous and lush album that swoons and swells around Knight's captivating baritone.  As a songwriter, Knight explores the minute details of life, and the middle stories, plunging the listener into the midst of the lives of others.  The album presents the themes of inward thought and creativity, escapism, longing for success, and belonging.  Small Reveals was written over a fortnight in a rural cabin in British Columbia, then recorded in ten days in ten different locations throughout Victoria, with producer Jonathan Anderson, each providing a unique charm and character to the song.  Released in Canada in late 2012, the album garnered critical acclaim across the country.  The nationally syndicated Sun Media stated, “Knight’s delicately restless self-explorations resonate on a much larger level…brilliantly executed.”  While Under The Radar declared, “Their songs have impressive depth for such humble scale… Shearwater fans should instantly find their appeal.”