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Dirt Fest Band Spotlight: Underneath It All And Interview With Vocalist Donny Spears

Marching through the ashes of a broken society! Underneath the fake smiles and hidden motives of a man is his true self. UNDERNEATH IT ALL there is motive. This band speaks truth, they call it like they see it exposing the world through smashing guitars and heart pounding lyrics. Their form of expression is true to themselves, and those who can relate will be lifted and driven.

Thus reads the bio of the Detroit based metal band Underneath It All. Formed in 2010 on the outskirts of Detroit, they have fought their way to the forefront of the local metal circuit playing festivals such as Dirt Fest and Rockapalooza, as well as the litany of established rock clubs around the state. A hard working group of musicians drawn together by a common drive to express their feelings of rage and dismay at the breakdowns in society prevalent today, the message is brutal and straight to the point, "America! wake the fuck up!" This message is hammered home in their self-titled debut CD with track after track of blistering guitar and thundering undercurrent of bass and drums

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Listen to Underneath It All

Underneath It All plays Dirt Fest this Saturday August 10th at 4:05 PM on the Flint Town Throwdown Stage. Look for the giant reaper to guide you to your doom