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Show Preview: Overloaded Reuinion Show @ The Token August 23!

Overloaded is a raw Detroit band that most people would love to find out about. However, a majority of record labels would stereotypically say that Overloaded has a style of music that has "already been done", and exhibits a talent level that has already been surpassed by backing tracks and special effects. It's shamefully typical that these same gossip vomiting fakes that destroyed the record industry in the first place consult TMZ, Rock of Love, and $800 handbags to find out what's cool.

After a short "hiatus" so each member could go and do some personal endeavors, Overloaded has returned for a special one night show with songs that will inspire nights of blowing money, endless drinking, spousal prostitution and showing once again that it's not about the glitz and the fame, it's about throwing your fist in the air and banging your head until it falls off!

Show starts at 9:15 with supporting acts Hazard Head, New Day Revolution and another one time reunion show from Dangerous Pursuit. Dust off that denim, rip up those jeans, and get to The Token Lounge Friday night.