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UPCOMING: MCB Road trip to ScareFest for Friday the 13th (Sept)!

America's Top Horror and Paranormal Convention
September 13-15, 2013
Lexington Convention Center, Lexington, Kentucky

Hey, you know who is going to be in Kentucky next month for this all-weekend horror/pop culture/paranormal convention? Malcolm Muhfkn McDowell.

Also about 12 million other horror, art, paranormal, TV, movie, music, performance, weirdo (hi, John E.L. Tenney!) luminaries.

But mostly...Malcolm Muhfkn McDowell.

Oh and you know who else? Your pal and humble narrator, DC-in-Detroit, that's who.

I am no autograph hound, but when presented with the opportunity to be glassball-to-glassball with the smirking embodiment of my ever-favorite movie since age 16 (yeah, I was that kind of a kid; you're surprised?) all wrapped up in 3 days of talks and costumes and music and parties — not to mention the beauty that is Lexington KY — it would take a very special kind of restraint to keep me away. And I'm not talking about will power.

Check out the ScareFest website for more details about the show, and stay tuned to MCB for a full-blown writeup when I've returned and recovered.

Bigger Stars and More Activities at this year’s ScareFest Horror and Paranormal Convention and The Portal Gaming Event! 2013 is the six year anniversary for The ScareFest Horror and Paranormal Convention held in Lexington, KY, at the Lexington Convention Center located in the center of the city. We begin the celebrations on Friday 13th, with a fun three day event filled with stars, vendors, bands, ghost investigations, free seminars, wrestlers, a magic show, a freak show, a video game truck and of course parties to include: VIP, Costume and Superstitions.