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Zombie Con Comes Our Way!

It is no startling revelation that zombies are kind of a big deal these days. Between the Walking Dead and the latest new zombie movie that hits the theaters every month, zombies have established themselves as more than just the scare in a film, they have become their own genre. So it is only fitting we have a convention coming our way solely devoted these shambling, flesh-eating icons. Brought to you by Motion Picture Institute, Zombie Con (Z-Con) is a two-day event that brings together Zombie, and Horror Fans, Creators, Artists, Novelists, Film Makers at Michigan’s premiere film school; MPI at 2040 Crooks road in Troy, MI. –August 17th and 18th. The convention includes a two-day film festival with the World Premiere of Anchor Bay’s zombie vs. robots epic Battle of the Damned not due in theaters until 2014. Z-Con will also have the Michigan Sneak Preview of the award winning documentary Birth of the Living Dead about the making of Romero’s Night of the Living Dead being shown ahead of its worldwide release from First Run Features. Synapse Films are screening the critically acclaimed Japanese zombie film Undertaker that has never been shown in the US. Z-Con also has Special Guests like Courtney Gains (Malachi from Children of the Corn). Courtney can currently be seen in the zombie role playing flick Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead.
Z-Con is also celebrating the 35th anniversary of the original Dawn of the Dead with stars David Emge and Scott Reiniger in attendance. There will be panel discussions with Rue Morgue magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Dave Alexander, Film Journalist Mike White (the Projection Booth, ParaCinema), author David Hayes (Cinema Head Cheese) and Jonathan James (Daily Dead) and many others. There will be a special fx seminar on How To Make a Zombie by Creature Division FX (28 Days, Crazies),  and the much talked about Ms. Zombie Con Pin Up Gal Contest that will be judged by radio personalities. And for those who like to dress up and play zombie there is a Zombie role playing game based off the hit Anchor Bay zombie film MIMESIS: Night of the Living Dead. One of the stages at MPI will be converted into a haunted attraction where guests who come as their favorite screen zombie get to wander the halls interacting with unsuspecting patrons. The Con will feature art work by renowned zombie artists Gary Pullin (Rue Morgue), Mark Hammermeister (Walking Dead) Matt Busch (Star Wars) and more. Tickets to Zombie Con are available in advance via Event Brite. Check out the official Z-Con website and Facebook event page  for more announcements.