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Call for art: DAMNED VI

Deadline September 15
DAMNED VI - An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness
 and Formal Masquerade Ball
October 24/25/26 2013 - Detroit
Tangent Gallery / Hastings St Ballroom

Within the word “damned”, it is easy to envision devils, Hades and hellfire. However, damnation may also reflect the eternal condemnation of self and the subtle abuse of one’s mind against itself. It may reflect the emotional trappings within the haunting ghosts of the past. Perhaps the immeasurable tendrils that bind us to our deepest longings or deprivations.

DAMNED is an exhibition of those extraordinary artists who know that without darkness, there is no light, that beauty does reside within the repulsive and enlightenment within our darkest hours. This art may be the one true reflection of self that make us balanced within our personal damnations…or possibly it is an expressive visual therapy…or simply a sign that there is something inexplicably damaged inside without comparison.

Artists of all mediums from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit their work for DAMNED. There are no restrictions on genre or content but the more deeply personal and powerfully introspective, the better.

It is free to submit.  For further details and to submit your work for review, please visit "".  Submission deadline is September 15 2013.