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DSK CHK – The Masked DJ Comes to Town

An extraordinary event is taking place this Saturday night as “Performance DJ” DSK CHK (pronounced Disk Check) takes over the decks and dance floor at the Vault in Mt. Clemons. DSK CHK is redefining the DJ performance by adding stage theatrics and excitement that extends beyond the usual call-outs and fist-pumps.

If you’ve never seen DSK CHK before, he dons  the mask from “V for Vendetta” concealing his identity so he really could be any of us. In his crowd you’ll see a number of his fans wearing the same mask and going nuts. DSK CHK admits wearing the mask gives him a sense that a superhero must have thinking they are invincible while doing outrageous acts. His sounds range from anthem glory dance tracks to real thumping shakers that will rumble the floor. More than just your average electronic show, DSK CHK’s show will make you feel like you are part of a movement of positive energy and spiritual release.