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Downunder Detroit by Tall Kiwi Chick - METRO TIMES BLOWOUT 2010

TALL KIWI CHICK was a winner in one of our contests for free tickets
and of course we chatted it up a bit and met up with her and her crew at the show.
After knocking back a few cold ones we were fast friends and thick as thieves.
Anyway - we thought it would nice to get some insight about good ol dietroit
from someone with a bit different perspective so we created this column

She loves music, men & drinking
"She's Sweet As!"
BY Tall Kiwi Chick
photos/sidekick coolness by Lauretta West

So this was the first Metro Times Blowout for us, and i can honestly say i had a great time!! I loved the scavenger hunt vibe!! It felt like a race to get to every act we said we would see, before the night was over!

Wicked times.

Plus what a sweet chance to hear a variety of bands for one low price!! Wednesday night we made it out to the pre-party @ the Magic Stick. It was the busiest i'd ever seen the place, but i guess that's because most of the bands playing were in attendance to pick up their bracelets. Had a fun time chatting to people and drinking...and then drinking some more.

Then getting some pizza from downstairs, which was AMAZING!

On the Friday night, we started off seeing 'Spaceband' @ Whiskey in the Jar.

One word... Interesting.

From there we raced to the G of C Hall to check out 'The Sundresses'.

They were a 3 piece band consisting of Makenzie, Brad & Jeremy.

We stalked them down afterwards and demanded an interview...

Kiwi Chicks - Ok so this isn't going to be a completely serious interview, so i don't know what you're expecting but don't expect that.

Sundresses -Well we're not completely serious people.

KC - Sweet! So are you guys from Detroit?

SD - (Makenzie) I was born just outside Detroit, in Livonia, so that's our connection and the reason we could play here. We all live in Cincinnati now.

KC - How did you get the name? Did you boys used to wear sundresses all the time?

SD - HAHA no....we used to be called 'The Coats' and then we found out there was another band with the same name, so one day we were at practice, getting high on marijuana, i don't know if you guys have heard of it?

KC - Never.....

SD - HAHA i heard you guys have the best weed!! So anyway Makenzie was giggling and said why don't we call ourselves 'The Sundresses', cos it's the opposite of a coat. We all had a very big laugh and decided that would be our name!!

KC - OK so for you guys...Girl Next Door or Slutty School girl?

SD - Brad - Slutty School girl. Jeremy - Girl next door

KC - Makenzie, guy next door or man whore?

SD - Makenzie - Oh i don't know, that's a loaded question.. probably a man whore cos they know what they're doing!

KC - Ok last question which is the most important... Who would you go gay for?

SD - Makenzie - There are these 2 New Zealand girls.... i can't choose one, so i'll go with the combo deal!! (YESSSSSSS!)

Jeremy - Burt Reynolds, (younger Burt) Brad - Brad Pitt...He's a guy you'd wanna hang out with, and wrestle with, get drunk and smoke weed with him!! Plus he's dated some hot chicks so being with him, would be like being with them!!

Makenzie gets a million points for choosing us in the 'who would you go gay for' question.

Then we raced over to Smalls Bar to see 'Bars of Gold'. We just missed their show, but we tracked them down for an interview anyway. Since 4 of the 6 members couldn't be bothered hanging around until we'd finished the interview... Screw them!! (Marc & Brandon in their credit did stick around till the end) I can't be bothered writing anything further about them.

We drank more beer in the car and then rushed over to Paychecks so we could see 'Jehovah's Witness Protection Program'. They were energetic ROCK, and i really enjoyed them!! We gave them a wink and told them to meet us outside..lucky for us they finally agreed... JWPP is Anthony on Guitar & Vocals, and Jehan on Drums, Hailing from Ypsilanti.

Kiwi Chicks - Best thing about playing at the blowout?

JWPP - It's the coolest day!! First of all, it's a lot of bands we know. Then it's all these bands coming together in one spot, and i don't think there are many things like that. It's a good energy too, we have friends playing at a couple of different places right now, and even thought we're not seeing them play, we know they're playing and it's a good feeling to know that there's a lot going on right now!!

KC - How long have you guys been together for?

JWPP - Dec 2006 we played our first show, it was just kind of on a lark, and then we started playing shows later in 2007. Originally we just did it for fun. Are you still having fun? Yeah i'm still having fun! I just like Jehan a lot. I like Anthony a lot...

KC - Are you guys gonna make out now?

JWPP - Do you want us too?

KC - Fuck yeah!

JWPP *both boys lean in and get very close to each other*

KC - *squeals with excitement* *sigh* Fakers!! You guys totally didn't make out i saw!!!!!!

JWPP - Anthony to Jehan..Your beard is pokey

KC -*touches both their beards* They feel the same. Ok last question..Who would you go gay for?

JWPP - Anthony - David Bowie. Jehan - Anthony from JWPP.

Jehan gets bonus points for being really really hot. But loses them all for not taking his shirt off when we asked!! Oh wait...i'm not certain I verbalized that question..

Fine....he can keep the points.

Finally we got to our last destination... The Atlas Bar to see 'The Satin Peaches'. The bar was hot and crowded but i liked it. Show was awesome, and I was super stoked to hear 'Still Sour' which is one of their older songs i've been dying to hear them play live, but since they've been focusing on their new music recently i hadn't had the chance, so YAY for us! Jesse was gangsta tonight, i liked it!!

We found Jesse, George & Jeremy and enticed them away with us, with a little breadcrumb trail & the promise of a house made entirely out of candy...... Sadly Aaron was MIA.

Kiwi Chicks - So you guys have a new EP released soon, what's the deal?

The Satin Peaches - It's called 'The Arsenic EP' and is released March 19th at The Magic Bag. Doors @ 8pm.

KC - How was the recording process? Any interesting stories?

TSP -It was easy. The bulk of it was done in 2 days. There is a diary on our Myspace.

KC - Oh yeah i saw that, but I haven't read it, what'd it say?

TSP - *shocked voices* Oh really, god, wow, jesus..

KC - *super whiney drunk voice* I was busyyyyyyyy....why are you guys so meeaaannnn to me?! (FYI I have since read the diary and it was worth it..I'm sorry peaches..)

TSP - Do you even know what our band name?! Ok, i'll tell ya Tricia we did it in our top secret bunker, it was very fast, around 2 days, the mixing process has been the longest part.

KC - Interesting stories from the studio??!! Who got naked!!??

TSP - George - I took my shirt off..yeah... i did most of my vocals with no shirt on!! *wink*

KC - *winks back* How are people going to feel when they hear your new EP?

TSP - They're actually going to have an orgasm. Guy & Girls, everybody. Guys will actually have their first multiple orgasms. A few people will be the EP. The population will increase exponentially when the EP is released MARCH 19th!!! (PS - The Kiwis want some...EP's!!)

Jeremy gets points for taking his shirt off to show us his tattoo... and that baseball explanation was magical.

NEXT UP FOR Tall Kiwi Chicks is to video interview

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