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PHOTOS: Andre Williams and the Party Stompers at Park Bar 03.20.10 by LAWRENCEcreative

Whether you know him by his pseudonyms 'Mr. Rhythm' or 'The Black Godfather', or his songs 'Shake a Tailfeather', 'Bacon Fat' or 'Agile Mobile Hostile'...there is absolutely no mistaking the incomparable Mr. Andre Williams for anyone other than Andre Williams. With a presence that is equal parts Pimp Daddy, Master of Ceremonies, Godfather and that crazy-assed uncle that shows up at family events only to rile things up a bit, Mr. Williams is one hell of a live performer that could easily stand his own ground against any other bad-ass-mofo Detroiter! This man has style and charisma oozing out of the seams of his white three piece suit, and a voice that is equal parts Jack Daniels and sweet tea. And with the Party Stompers backing him up, the party never let down for a minute.
A big ass THANK YOU has to go out to Swank at Bloodshot Records for hookin' up the MCB with this once in a lifetime coverage of a man that is truly Detroit.