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Saturday in Berkley By She is Sara (SIS)

Not having a car forced me to stay local this Saturday, so what do I do? beg my friends to pick me up. We headed to Berkley for a night out(with free parking, because Berkley is cool like that).
We started off starving, so we headed to The Berkley Front for burgers and beer. Being only 8:30, it was early in the night but the place was already hoppin' with the usual mixed crowd of "just turned 21" to the more "seasoned" folks, as well as all the hipsters, pool-sharks,average joes and band-geeks in-between. We casually slid into a booth and were quickly greeted by a waitress ready for our order.
"Beer Good Stress Bad"
The wall.
It is a known fact that beer is desired when at "The Front" (as it is referenced by its frequent patrons) but how to decide when there are 42 taps?! Well if you are broke like me, you ask for the specials which will narrow your selection to about three, and PBR is always $3 a pint.

The food selection is more than basic at this place. You have your burgers, fries, and anything else deep-fried but also there are burritos, quesadillas, and even a few salads. I was forced to give up beef for lent so I got a turkey Burger which was pretty good and filling.
While waiting for our burgers we shot some pool at the pool table in the front, and picked some tunes from one of the most awesome jukeboxe I have seen. There is everything from your independent labels like The Doves to classics like Johnny Cash. My favorite? The Mos Def that looks like it was put in there by accident play "boogieman" (if you stop in).
Upstairs is the Dean Martini Lounge where local bands tear it up most weekends. Here are some of the upcoming happenings:

Tuesday, 3/23 – The Americas with rooftops, The Summer Pledge and Devilfish
Friday, 3/26 – Happy Endings Monthly Dance Party
Saturday, 3/27 – Darling Imperial with The Missing Chums and The Divine Comedians

It is also good to know that:
Mondays: Half off appetizers and select $2.50 pints!

We decided that bowling was next on the list for the night, and Hartfield Lanes is just down the street. This bowling alley is family-owned and it is huge. The bottom floor is glow-bowling on Saturday, and regular bowling is upstairs totaling 52 lanes. The place was packed and they had the main lounge The Hat-Trick pub open as well as a second upstairs as well as a decent snack bar. With ice-cold pitchers at hand, we played until we were just Grannie-bowling before calling it a night.