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time for another of our
where we feature the folks who are running the streets for MOTORCITYBLOG

rare photo of DC-in-Detroit
DC has been contributing to MCB for a few years now and we love her

DC-in-Detroit is one of the post-internet breed of renaissance characters who can crank out a 400-word article before breakfast, but has no idea how to boil an egg.

She's FCC licensed, published with real ink on paper, has hand-made two corsets, spent the night in Lizzie Borden's bedroom, and is a winner of the Pepsi Challenge.

She's still a better driver than you are, even when she's had twice as much to drink.

And if you ask nicely, she'll probably take you home.

You've most likely met her, but you either immediately forgot who she was, or you dreamed about her for four nights in a row.

DC has to do the math every time someone asks how old she is. And yet the boys at the liquor store still do a double-take every time they card her.

Her highest ambition is to become an adjective:

"It's positively DC-esque."

She suffers from attention surplus disorder: "The easiest thing in the world for me is to pay attention," she says. The hardest thing, for the record, is remembering what just happened.

DC is a longtime contributor to the MCB
She can be reached at [at]