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Top Magic Records presents Elizabeth Butters - Cliff Bells Detroit - April 18th 2010

You are cordially invited to attend the Elizabeth Butters LP release party and the launch of Detroit's newest label, Top Magic Records (
on Sunday, April 18, 2010 at Cliff Bells.
Sunday, April 18, 2010
Cliff Bells
2030 Park St
$5 cover
Doors 9pm

With entertainment from:
Elizabeth Butters
The Sisters Lucas
Danny Kroha
and Kelly Jean Caldwell

Brooklyn’s Elizabeth Butters is here to celebrate the release of her debut LP on Detroit’s Top Magic Records. Available only on 10” vinyl, with yellow or blue cover art, the LP features the songs which are the heart of Elizabeth’s being—the 1930s, highways and open roads, the Dust Bowl, and Bonnie & Clyde. True to the geography of the music, the album was recorded with the Soledad Brothers' Johnny Walker at his Masonic Temple residence in Covington, Kentucky in early 2008. Elizabeth has an encyclopedic knowledge of folk music, and this translates directly into her performances, which are marked by her uniquely charming voice and dulcimer skills. Elizabeth says she was born in the wrong era and suffers from nostalgia & false sympathies with the past. These sentiments are most evident in the presentation of her music. A purveyor of traditional American music, Elizabeth is a return to the real roots of folk with her dulcimer, pure vocal style & beguilingly simple guitar playing. The new record features many recognizable Appalachian folk blues classics, including Goodnight Irene, Will You Miss Me and Crow Jane.
Detroit's The Sisters Lucas (that's twins Julie and Loretta Lucas) will be appearing together in their purest musical form-- just their instruments and their voices. These gals will steal your heart and your ears with their beautiful and captivating music. This is folk music for the modern era-- a true appreciation for simpler times past meets that odd Motor City glamor in a way that can only be pulled off by this pair. Loretta and Julie Lucas are the kind of ladies who are as equally likely to buy you a shot of whiskey as they are to bake you fresh-from-the-oven organic brownies. This type of sweet wholesomeness- lined with a dark mischief- is steeped into the songs that The Sisters Lucas write. With a combination of uncanny harmonies folding over a tapestry of textured instruments, the Sisters have crafted a unique brand of pop-folk psychedelia that is unmistakably their own. As identical twins, the Lucas girls were, of course, born to sing together. Julie's rich alto is perfectly balanced with Loretta's lilting soprano, and the stereo combination is enough to give any listener instant chills. Their vocal style is innovative, layering vocals and lyrics atop one another, creating a dual dialogue within the song.

Danny Kroha, a local legend in his own right, will regale us with the Detroit-blues inspired sounds that emit when Rust Belt acoustic guitars and slides meet, and those from his homemade diddly-bow. On the off chance you don't know, Kroha is the rock guitar master of The Readies and The Gories, and is formerly known as the skinny pale white wildman in the Demolition Dollrods. But aside from that rock business, Kroha knows his blues, a bit of knowledge that's a little too rare around here (though still better than most parts of the country, generally speaking).
Recently named "Best Local Songwriter" by Real Detroit Weekly, former Saturday Looks Good To Me singer Kelly Jean Caldwell will be displaying the heart and soul of her songs onstage in acoustic form on this Sunday evening. KJC lives up to her title-- she truly is a brilliant songwriter and puts more emotion and boldness into each performance than most people could summon in a lifetime. Usually backed by some of the best dudes in Detroit, tonight's performance will be a rare stripped-down solo appearance for Caldwell. Be on the look out for a single from Kelly out on Top Magic later this year.