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Glass, Cinder and Thorns - 323EAST royal oak - 3/20

323East Gallery presents Glass, Cinder and Thorns, featuring over 25 female artists from Detroit and around the globe. The exhibit opens on Saturday March 20th, opening reception 6-11 p.m. This exhibition runs through April 14, 2010.

A Showcase of female artists from around the world including Detroit, Montreal, Portland, New York, France, Australia and elsewhere, Glass, Cinder and Thorns explores the dark side of fairy tales and their impact on identity.

"As children, our parents would read us bedtimes stories of little mermaids, sleeping beauties, and little red riding hoods. These innocent stories often had evil lurking beneath the pages. What Disney failed to tell you is that the mermaid dies, multiple suitors defiled sleeping beauty, and the wolf ate Grandma", explains the show's curator, April Segedi.

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