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-jr-MusicRevue 03/24/10

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I haven't ever been a fan of The Black Lips' recordings. However, I really like the stance they take to have a unique aesthetic and feel to their music. They pretty much defy modern digital recording techniques and consistently make use of vintage anologue devices (ie vintage mics, reel-to-reels, tape, et al). I have not had the luxury of seeing them live but from the lovespeak of inner circles they presumably put on a great live show. It's not often you find a group that is so completely stanced in rejecting the simplicity and ease that the digital age has provided. In the localized scene there are quite a few bands that adhere to this as well: The Rue Moor Counts, Friends of Dennis Wilson, The Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment, The Sheeney Men, et al. Pretty much all of the bands that recorded up at the now defunct Carlot Sound that was in a converted used car sale office. I feel that there is a certain warmth that comes from this throwback. Conversely, I myself have stepped into the luxury of digital ease. It's quick, simple, and conversion from recording to product is almost instantaneous. Yet, I lose out on that warmth, that tape hiss, the pop of the vinyl, the remeberance of better times. So, The Black Lips are playing 3/30 at The Magic Stick. Make sure to talk recording habits with them!

-jr is a musician/dj/blogger/writer from Detroit, MI. He performs in the band The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre and writes a cultural blog under the same moniker. When Dj'ing he uses the handle DJ JCM. He has been an integral part of the Detroit Music mechanation for the past 10 years. He knows just about everything about music on both a local and national level. His opinon is gold and is infallible. This is what's been in my ear lately.