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Crushed Out @Beaver Island Music Festival

Crushed Out
July 19/20

Nomadic husband and wife duo CRUSHED OUT have released their first official video from their full-length debut, Want to Give, a primal blend of Bo Diddley beats, tube amp guitar howl, surfy wet reverb and unbridled vocals. The video is for their track "Push Down and Twist," an anti-drug song that refers to the cap on a prescription pill bottle, and is premiering today at MOKB. Filmmakers Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer (Onward Christian Surfers, Lucha Libre USA); shot the video in the Mission District in San Francisco and included local characters, a local bicycle gang (Cyclecide), some nekkid hippies, skate kids (Frank Hoier from the band grew up in the LA skate scene), the Vau de Vire Society and assorted neighborhood eccentrics dropping in on a Crushed Out show.

Consisting of Frank Hoier (guitar/ vocals) and Moselle Spiller (drums/vocals), Crushed Out  explodes with their blend of Little Richard wildness, Link Wray guitar roar and dirty blooz shake & tremble. It's an American rock road trip through 60s surf down Highway 61 singing the backcountry blues, filtered through the lenses and hearts of two 21st Century kids who bonded over the same bands.