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Get wasted - skip a day - get wasted - skip a day - get wasted at PJs Lager House starting Sunday (Mexican Knives), Tuesday (Jamaican Queens) and Thursday (Champions of Breakfast)

Sure you got the whole weekend ahead of you and usually on Friday's we like to drop the ol MCB FLYER DUMP on you but in a motorcity rarity we didn't like many of the show flyers out the past 7 days so instead we are suggesting you save your energy for an every other day romp at Lager House starting out this coming Sunday night for Mexican Knives...get nice and tanked because there isn't a show on Monday so you can sleep right in and rest up... but be ready for Jamaican Queens who hit PJs stage live on Tuesday (once again you can go ahead and overdo it a bit since there are no bands playing on Wednesday and you can rest right up) Finish off your weekday binge with a blast from the past-  Champions of Breakfast who have recently dusted off the cardboard geetars playing a few shows in recent months after a few years in the scrapper and are playing Lager on Thursday night.

At this point you might as well just carve out a hiding spot in the basement and catch the weekend shows with Kickstand Band EP Release show (James Linck opening up) and another record release show from Bellyache Records on Saturday night.