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The Sights: Taken Alive is here!

Taken Alive is here!

It's a's a's the best gig of the summer.

Mark your calendar: 7:00 PM, July 27 at New Center Park in Detroit.

The Sights
Melvin Davis
Six and the Sevens

And of course, Taken Alive is an incredible 270-page compilation of the Sights' tour diaries and photos from their epic 2012 journeys across the U.S. and Europe. It includes a foreward by Brian Smith and two massive Sights articles written by Smith for the Metro Times. Also included is a DVD of the Sights' Nov 3, 2012 performance.

Taken Alive Premium Package (includes domestic shipping)
The premium package includes a first edition copy of the book (limited to 90 copies) signed by all members of the Sights and a DVD of the Sights' November 3, 2012 Park Bar performance. It also includes 14 x 20 posters from the Sights’ November 3, 2012 Taken Alive gig poster and the Sights’ July 27, 2013 Taken Alive book/DVD release party gig poster. Taken Alive is a 270-page compilation of tour diaries written by front man Eddie Baranek last year while touring the U.S. and Europe in support of Tenacious D. The book includes stories, photos and maps from the tour and a DVD featuring over a dozen electrifying performances from the Sights’ November 3, 2012 homecoming gig at the Park Bar in Detroit. Brian Smith contributed a foreword and two articles written about the Sights during his tenure as editor at Detroit’s Metro Times.

Taken Alive book and DVD (includes domestic shipping)