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Review and Recommendation -- Callahan's

Review and Recommendation

Once again we had a phenomenal concert experience at Callanhan’s Music Hall.

If you’ve not checked out Callahan’s you are missing out on one of the best stages for music anywhere. Hands down they are offering the best music, sound, table service, food and drinks anywhere.

This past Friday night they booked Bryan Lee and The Blues Power House Band.

Bryan is a classic Blues musician. He entertained us with his music and story telling about the Blues and Detroit. I loved his stories about the Soup Kitchen and his guitars. Never mind the Blues, you could sit down and just listen to Bryan tell you stories and be more than entertained. As a sighted man, trying to learn to play the Blues, I was amazed by the Braille Blues Daddy playing of his Gibson Flying V guitars.

Check out this music halls web site. During Bryan’s intermission we wandered around the place enjoying a beer with other concert goers. This place is booking some really great music!