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Friday! Maxine "Back to the Garden" CD-release party @ Diesel Lounge!

wsg/Black Market Rebellion, A.S.S. and Psycho Circle.
Friday 9pm!

Part leather, part lace and full of fury, Maxine Petrucci is back with a new album for 2013. “Back to the Garden,” - Petrucci’s third solo album - is a heavy, melodic and evolved power metal record. Help us celebrate the release of this record July 26 at Diesel Concert Lounge in Chesterfield Twp. 

In creating this album, the guitarist/vocalist/songwriter drew on influences from her past, creating a sound that’s equal parts throwback and modern metal for an album that’s hard-hitting, technical and layered with heavy riffing, classical scales and tons of melody and harmony. Petrucci also shows off her skills as a flute player on the track, “Wicked.”

Guitarist Patti Quatro (Pleasure Seekers, Cradle, Fanny) calls Back to the Garden, “A rich lush garden, filled with intricate and creatively haunting harmonies, incendiary guitar,
and relevant lyrics. This album takes you on a ride with a hard foot on the gas, a raw and gritty Detroit edge and plenty of attitude, yet it weaves you into eerie surprises with interesting time changes and a very satisfying mixture of hard and soft. Maxine's amazing guitar skills and catchy riffs provide a full throttle punch throughout.”

“Back to the Garden,” was produced by Kevin Sharpe and features drummer Pat DeLeon (Imminent Sonic Destruction). A video for the album’s first single, “Assassinate” (Blindspot Production) can be seen on youtube.

Petrucci has a long musical history dating back to 1984 with the band Madam X, which she formed with her sister, Roxy Petrucci, who went on to play drums for Vixen. Madam X was signed to Jet/CBS Recording in 1984 and released its debut album, “We Reserve the Right,” that same year. A video, “High in High School” was featured on MTV. Former Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach would later join the group.

Petrucci has appeared in nearly every major rock magazine since 1984, including Billboard, Creem, Circus, Hit Parader, Faces, Guitar World, Kerrang, Sweden Rocks, Burrn, Metal Edge and more and has opened for such names as Rick Derringer, Slaughter, Warrant, Ronnie James Dio, Doro Pesch (Warlock), Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Lita Ford, Steve Marriot (Humble Pie), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) to name a few.

Bassist Billy Sheehan calls Petrucci, “A true rarity. A lady who has such powerful command of her instrument and her voice.” While rock legend Rick Derringer cites her guitar playing as, “masterful,” going on to explain, “her technique is amazing, I call her right hand picking ‘the hummingbird effect,’ so fast its a blur.”

Several solo albums, including 2005’s “Titania” (which featured Roxy Petrucci on drums and Bassist Billy Sheehan on title album’s title track) and 2008’s 'Don't Hate Me' (produced by Darren Trentacoste) plus a 1998 stint as the bassist in Vixen have kept Petrucci busy throughout the years.

Current band members:
•    Maxine Petrucci: guitar, vocal
•    Pat DeLeon (Imminent Sonic Destruction): drums
•    Bryan Paxton (Imminent Sonic Destruction): bass
•    Rachel May (Broadzilla): guitar

Notable “Back to the Garden” tracks:
•    Assassinate (2013 video release)
•    Back to the Garden
•    WTF
•    Ginger Man (tribute to Keith Moon and the Who)
•    Pink Angels
•    Out of Whack

The album is available via and