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Check out this great LOCAL etsy maker store!

Unique and awesome stitchy goods, made by hand, right here in Detroit.

Full disclosure: This is my shop. I'm not telling you this because as a reporter, I'm beholden to reveal my sources (haha yes I'm a very serious reporter). I'm telling you this because I'm proud as hell of the things I make. After many years of creating items that were only available to those in the know, I've decided to open up the studio and make my carefully-crafted randomness available to the public.

I specialize in custom-designed machine embroidery — not many places you can have something designed just for you and stitched on just one item! — but I'm always making new things, and eventually a little bit of everything will make it into the shop.

So check it out, bookmark it, and keep Brocade Lion in mind when it comes shoppin' time!