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5 Days to Laneway Festival!

There are five days left to Laneway Festival, which by coincidence there are 5 stages for the festival as well. I've never been to a show at Meadowbrook with more than one stage so it will be interesting to see how the stages are placed and what kind of crowd is gathered at each. With the remaining days left before the big show I'm going to highlight a stage and the bands playing on it.Today's featured stage is the Roscoe stage:

12:40-1:20 Haerts - Okay, how do you pronounce this bands name? You're predisposed to calling them "Hearts" until you take a second look at their name. Haerts is a new electro-pop band from New York.

2:15-3:00 Phosphorescent is Matthew Houck who has released 5 albums, the latest being Muchacho. Houck has a highly distinctive artistic voice and a refreshing, rolled-sleeves approach to his expression. His music has been described as "delicate and haunting work of ragged country and bittersweet gospel."

3:55 - 4:40 Frightened Rabbit is a band I have liked for quite a few years, ever since their Midnight Organ Fight album back in 2008. They have a raw, arresting sound and a singer with a thick Scottish accent that just adds more to vulnerable folk-tinged pop songs.

5:35-6:25 Deerhunter is one of the many indie bands with the surname "deer" but I think think this is the "deer" band I like. They also have 5 albums out and are known for their manic and energetic live shows.

7:25-8:15 Washed Out - the band I featured in yesterday's post on Laneway.

For more complete information on the Laneway stages, check out the schedule here.