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THIS WEEK IN MI: The Free Thinkin' Shelley Segal - US Dates

The Free Thinkin' Shelley Segal

Upcoming US Dates

Photo Credit: Naomi Rahim


Boston, MA/September 2/12:00 PM

Cranston, RI/September 6/8:00PM/$20
w/ Voices United for Separation Of Church and State

Portland, OR/September 8/7:00PM/$12/$8 for CFI members

Cedar Rapids, MI/September 11/Details TBA

Ann Arbor, MI/September 12/Details TBA

Philadelphia, PA/September 14/9:00 PM

Omaha, NE/September 21/Details TBA

Madison, WI/September 28/8:30 PM

Sacramento, CA/October 12/Details TBA

After recording An Atheist Album last year in Australia, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Shelley Segal began collaborating with artists ranging from legendary DJ Carl Cox to accomplished jazz guitarist Adam Levy (Ani DiFranco, Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman). She recorded the recently-released Little March with him this spring. A seasoned international performer with her own imprint (True Music), Shelley spreads her free-thinking message and eclectic, memorable songs to secular movement conferences and listening rooms in the US this fall.                           

Her message, "I want to normalise atheism. Atheists/humanists are often demonised and not understood and I want to change this. I want people to understand that atheists can be good people and also, with my album to show that an atheist can be inspired to make art. The debate between religious and secular world views is nothing new.  I have written this album firstly as an expression of my honest response to these issues."