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UPCOMING in NOV: Faustus

November 15-16, 21-22-23

The incredible ensemble that took you UNDER THE POPPY now recreates Christopher Marlowe's masterpiece of dark ambition: Faustus, the reckless young man who sells his soul, and the Sins who help him do it . . . An immersive event of raw physicality, ritual and fire.

Tickets are $26, by presale only, no refunds, with a limited number available for each performance; 18 and over, please. Buy tickets at Performance dates are November 15-16 and 21-22-23, 9PM. Questions? Email

And remember, there is no sin but ignorance.

UPDATE: Faustus has announced its location.

We are thrilled to announce our venue for FAUSTUS: the First Unitarian-Universalist Church of Detroit.

A church is many things to many people. For a site-specific production of FAUSTUS, there could be no site more specifically attuned to the story we tell and the experience we offer. Both historically and culturally important, and centrally located in midtown Detroit, this church is an open door for open minds, and has welcomed our production with enthusiasm (and music! More on that very soon).

We thank the Unitarian-Universalist Church for its hospitality!

There will be spirits in the dark