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Into It. Over It. w/ Saves The Day + New Album

The prolific songwriter otherwise known as Evan Weiss is gearing up for the September 24th release of his new album Intersections.

Having played in a number of bands over the years, Evan Weiss had originally conceived Into it. Over It. as a means to break free from a musical rut. His project quickly took on a life of its own and in true DIY fashion, Weiss went on to release a steady string of 7”, splits, cassettes, and LP’s while touring the world non-stop, both as solo artist and with a full band including tours with such acts as Frank Turner, The Wonder Years, Owen and KOJI.

Intersections has the swagger of a well-seasoned indie rock outfit, settled into a signature sound but with enough unsettled edge to keep it interesting. There is a familiar formula to the songs; a rolicking rumble that builds to a big chorus a la The Promise Ring or early Jimmy Eat World (before they got huge.) While Into it.Over It. is hardly breaking new ground sonically, the time spent honing his craft has served Weiss well in achieving a sound that is both accessible and comfortable enough make the songs tell a personal story without sounding over-reaching or pretentious. From Obsessive Compulsive Distraction, "A mind due for losing, I could use a drink. I'm thinking simple but commiting all my nights to ink."

Check out the first track from the upcoming Intersections below.

Into It. Over It. is playing at the Magic Stick tomorrow night, September 17th with Hostage Calm and alt-rock legends Saves The Day. Grab your tickets right here!