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Detroit Fanfare – Best Year Yet!

Another Detroit Fanfare has come and gone and with it hundreds of comic fans have come home with great memories and loot from the show.  Having spent time all 3 days at the show I can  tell you this was a carefully coordinated show with the comic book fan as the priority.  

This year’s show hosted 3 large conference rooms, each with their own theme and draw to ensure there was plenty for attendees to see and buy. One room was set aside for the celebrity guests and arts and crafts, another for vendors and comic creators and one more for comic artists and independent publishers. 

For the celebrity guests, Brian O’Halloran of Kevin Smith’s Clerks was a terrific host as he spent ample time with fans and hosted a panel with voice actors from Adventure Time and Futurama. I stuck around in the panel room for a talk with Esme Bianco who played Ros on Game of Thrones. While Ros was more of a secondary character of the show, she had some quite memorable scenes in each season. Esme was absolutely charming and stunningly beautiful. This was only her second Comic Con experience with her first being San Diego.

Sunday was a day for kids at the show with a costume contest and the staff of Detroit Fanfare made sure the kids were entertained in a friendly comic environment.  Both Saturday and Sunday brought good size crowds to the show with many in costume. My one regret from the show was not being able to attend the many activities they had scheduled each night as I’m sure they were all a blast.

With this year’s show being such a success I am already eager to see what surprises Detroit Fanfare has in store for us in 2014.

This post by Mikel O.D. of MPAD Media where you can see more Detroit Fanfare pics