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Pre-bout Update on the Pistolwhippers

Detroit Derby Girls 2014 Season Opener
Saturday, October 12, 2013
The D-Funk Allstars vs. the Pistolwhippers
Doors open at 4:45 p.m. and the bout starts at 6  
Advance tickets for $15 at Brown Paper Tickets, and tickets will also be $15 at the door, if available.

An update from Lazer Beam, Captain of the Pistolwhippers:
Detroit Area Dork: What new skaters have been added to the team?
Lazer Beam: Howl'n Havoc, Killshot, Nikki Noxem, Off the Hook ( This will be her first game as a Whipper. He got her skating in a MCDL game last season), Perish-Her, and Zooma Thurman.
D: 6 players? Is that an unusually high amount of players to add during the off-season?
L: Hook was added midseason last year, but got hurt before she could play with the Pistolwhippers. We had a lot of girls retire. I forgot to add AfterParty and Stef-BOMB on to the list of new girls. All of them have skated with other leagues, so we are hoping that it will be a easy transition to the way Detroit and the Pistolwhippers play for them.
D: Which players retired?
L: Demonica Mars, Genniferal, Midnite Vulture, Uhura Belle Death, V8 Nightmare, and Vera Toss.
D: What sort of talent gap did all of those retirements create? Did it cause you to seek out certain abilities in the draft?
L: All girls leaving had their roll on our team. In this draft we looked for skaters that had played before, could be jammers, and size. 

The Masonic Temple is located at 500 Temple Street in Detroit.
Afterparty will be held at 3rd Street Bar Detroit, 4626 Third St., Detroit.