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Upcoming Events at Trinosophes

Upcoming events at Trinosophes
Friday, Oct. 25: Opening reception for "Limited Dictionary" A solo exhibition by Radek Szlaga
Performance by Poland's BNNT at 9 pm; free
Limited Dictionary is an exhibition by Polish artist Radek Szlaga. The multimedia exhibition is a part of a larger project Szlaga began several years ago which focuses on his family's immigration to Redford, Michigan, while he stayed in Poland. Through video, sculptural installation and drawings, the artist deals with issues of identity, separation, alienation, mythmaking, cultural difference, and fractured language in art and in everyday life. A performance by Polish "noise-bombers" BNNT begins at 9 pm. Don't miss Szlaga and BNNT at Trinosophes, right before they leave for a performance and installation at New York's Performa on November 9! 
Radek Szlaga (b. 1979) lives and works in Warsaw, Poland, where he is assistant professor at the University of Arts in Poznan. He is the co-founder of the art collective PENERSTWO. Szlaga has been featured in solo and select group shows at Arsenal Gallery (Bialystok, Poland), LETO Gallery and Zachęta National Gallery of Art (both in Warsaw) Alexander Ochs Gallery (Berlin, Germany), Temporary Gallery (Cologne, Germany) Galeria Blanca Soto (Madrid, Spain), Waterside Contemporary (London, UK), Gare Saint Sauveur (Lille, France), and POSK Gallery (London, UK), among many others. Reviews of his work have appeared in Artforum and Newsweek Polska, among other publications.
BNNT are audio performances by Konrad Smolenski and Daniel Szwed, which are usually held in open public spaces of a city, or in the institutionalized spaces of galleries and festival venues. The band members travel in a van that serves them as an improvised stage where they perform in balaclavas or masks. Each performance involves a sonic maelstrom with the use of an amplified string instrument modeled on the Tomahawk missile (Konrad Smolenski) and a drum set (Daniel Szwed). This is an interdisciplinary project involving both public performance - the so-called sound bombing - and publishing activity, which the duo have run for a few years now. BNNT has appeared at the Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France), Manifesta 9 (Genk, Belgium), Offen auf AEG (Nuremberg, Germany), and elsewhere.
Saturday, Oct. 26: Disappears, Ritual Howls
Five years into their existence as a band Disappears have finally exhaled - following a steady run of singles, ep's, and three full lengths the band retreated to their studio at the end of 2012 to take stock of where they had been and where they wanted to go. Disappears returned fully stretched out into the void with 2013's KONE EP. Abstract and experimental, it erased any expectation's people had about what Disappears sounded like or were capable of, as well as introduced new drummer Noah Leger - a pivotal force in what was to follow. 'Era,' Disappears' fourth album in as many years, was birthed during the bleakness of the Chicago winter 2013 at Electrical Audio by now regular foil John Congleton. Insular and dark, Era sees the band refining their love of dub, minimalism and repetition into their most original and stark set yet. Decision and consequence weigh heavy on the album - both lyrically and through the bands decision to let the studio direct the final forms of the songs. Era is Disappears at their most abrasive, contemplative, and paranoid - it's the sound of the void looking back.
8 pm doors; $7.
Wednesday, Oct 30: VCVD (Frode Gjerstadt, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Stine Janvin Motland, Stale Liavik Solberg), Jason Stein/Tim Daisy Duo
Two outstanding improvised music groups in one evening! Headlining the show is VCDC, a quartet comprised of leading Norwegian improvisers and one American. Our series has often featured the talents of saxophonist Frode Gjerstad over the years, most often in his trio with young powerhouse drummer Paal Nilssen Love; he's also a member of the Brotzmann Tentet and has worked with Joe McPhee. This time he brings some fellow Norwegians that haven't been heard here yet: Stine Janvin Motland (vocals) and Ståle Liavik Solberg (drums). Fred Lonberg-Holm, Chicago's most versatile creative cellist, rounds out the group. Not only has he worked with improvised music heavy-weights like John Butcher, Peter Brotzmann, Michael Zerang, Joe McPhee, Jim O' Rourke, Peter Kowald etc., but he's also contributed to recordings and performances by Smog, Wilco, US Maple, Super Chunk, God-is-my-co-pilot and other rock notables.
Opening the show are two more of Chicago's finest improvisers, Jason Stein and Tim Daisy. Jason is one of the few people in creative music to exclusively focus on the bass clarinet. He's had an active career, with recordings on such notable labels as Delmark, Leo, Atavistic and Clean Feed; collaborators include a range of American and European notables: Peter Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark, Eric Boeren, Michael Zerang and many others. Tim Daisy is a heavily in-demand creative drummer and award winning composer who was also named one of "13 Drummers for the Future" by Downbeat magazine. He's recorded 6 records with The Vandermark 5 and is on dozens of releases with some of the premiere musicians in new music- including John Tchicai, Jeb Bishop, Fred Anderson, Dave Rempis etc.
7:30 pm doors. $10-20 donation.