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The Obits - Cactus Club, Milwaukee, WI - October 6, 2013


The website All Music Guide describes the Obits front man Rick Froberg as “dialing back the intensity with a project indebted to classic rock and blues”.  This person has obviously not seen their live show.  Sure the records contain elements of blues, classic rock, and even a little surf music.  But the live show is a whole another animal.  The band is comprised of rock music veterans, lead by dueling guitar front men Rick Froberg (Drive Like jehu, Hot Snakes) and Sohrab Habibion (Edsel).  Mr. Froberg, from his years of experience plays very hard, pounding the guitar, almost punishing it.  He is in sync with Mr Habibion, each note layering over one another, crushing the audience.  The entire racket is held together by drummer Alexis Fleisig and bassist Greg Simpson who effortlessly stays calm under duress holding court center stage.  At one point in the show the entire floor was shaking from the ruckus.  Focusing on the latest record, “Bed and Bugs” (Sup Pop), “Taste the Diff”, “It’s Sick” and “Pet Trust” was the highlights featuring Mr. Froberg’s raspy, growling vocals.  Mr. Habibion took center stage only once, for the brilliant “Shift Operator” from the 2011 record “Moody, Standard, and Poor”.  The night grew louder with screamers like “Malpractice”, “Refund” and “Talking to the Dog”.  The 30 people who ventured out witnessed the real deal, big time rock and roll from guys who love playing music, even if it is only to 30 people on a Sunday night in Milwaukee.