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Show review: Tommy Trash/Wolfgang Gartner ROMT Sat Oct. 12

Dubbed the Hounds of Hell tour, this show brought Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner together for DJ sets at Royal Oak Music Theatre last Saturday night. While not a flat out Halloween event,  given the title of the show, the stage was set up like a cemetery in a classic horror film. However, behind the decks, there was a different scene as the DJs didn’t take much notice of their frightful setting but then set forth to play music that certainly could wake the dead.

Tommy Trash with his long, bushy hair resembled a cross between Cousin It and Ozzy Osborne. His shaggy brown hair covered his face most of the set, as he played an accessible set of electro dance. The pace was fast and the projection screen behind him flashed images of his name and a pole dancer. Tommy’s set included what the kids like to refer to as all the latest bangers including Calvin Harris’ latest club anthem, “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.”

Sometime past the midnight hour, Tommy Trash’s set ended and Wolfgang Gartner took control over the decks. Wolfgang’s set was an louder more abrasive set than Tommy’s with even quicker bpms and more peak frequencies that hit the crowd with repeated punches to the ear. Royal Oak Music Theatre shows usually don’t run much past midnight so some of the crowd had left, leaving ample dancing room for the remaining ravers that took full advantage of it.

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