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SHOW REVIEW: DELTRON 3030 at Garden Theatre Detroit 10/17 by Chelsea Schneider

 Oct. 17th 2013 was quite the evening for Detroit. The Tigers were home for Game 5 with the Red Sox, Tech N9ne was playing at the Fillmore, there was a show at Garden Bowl, it was the first evening of Detroit beer week with a pop up beer garden, and the new Garden Theater was opening for their first event, with Deltron 3030 on the bill.

Attending Deltron was a no brainer, especially with the anticipation of a new venue. No one knew what to expect. As we walked into the Garden Theatre, it still seemed unfinished, there was no official sign for the venue and windows were still missing on the inside. 

It didnʼt seem like a hip hop show was taking place there, because the staff was dressed to impress, but once we got past security and entered the theatre, it was quite impressive. Itʼs the type of theatre where you can see from anywhere in the room, the perfect venue for a hip hop show. It actually reminded me of
a concert hall in Chicago, Lincoln Hall, because they are very similar in the way they constructed the staging. The only part about the venue that really confused me and everyone else was the drink prices. 8 bucks for a can of bud, not even a tall boy. 

Their beer selection was terrible, and we were all saying,
”You know were in Detroit, right?”

Kid Koala opened the show with a DJ set sure to get the crowd on a roll. He was like a kid in a candy store, saying “Iʼve been waiting for this tour for a long time.” His face was lit up the entire time smiling and laughing to himself, singing along to his records as he killed it on the turntables. He even brought his inner child out when he played his Yo Gabba Gabba song that he wrote for the show. 

You donʼt see DJʼs as impressive as Kid Koala these days. He has actual talent, no computers, no headphones, straight turn tables and records.

Deltron 3030 was a fantastic show!

Del the Funky Homosapien, the voice of the group, was lyrically perfect. His tone, swagger, and appearance were all in check making the audience love his every move. He seems like the type of MC that lives to
tell his stories, concentrating on every word. He speaks so eloquently, and sounds exactly like his records. Dan “The Automator”, even though admitting he would have rather been at the baseball game while holding his pair of tickets in the air, was a star in his own mind. He played the stage by pretending they were an orchestra and he was the conductor. It was quite comical and awkward at the same time. Dan was the one
who spoke to the audience in between songs, when I thought maybe Del would have, considering that he was the MC. It made me think of Del as a very humble individual, quiet and reserved, but you donʼt hear that in his lyrics, or in his vocal tone. People arenʼt always what they seem to be, and as an audience member watching an artist, you have to keep that in mind.

Juan Alderete, the bassist from Mars Volta, came onto this tour, invited by Dan “The Automator.” It was awesome to see him up there adding to the amazing chemistry that is Deltron. I love seeing artists collaborating or supporting others by touring or guest appearing on albums. 
Itʼs fantastic what networking can do.

After the show we all went back to the Majestic for some drinks, and as an added bonus, the guitarist, drummer and Dan “The Automator” from Deltron 3030 came walking in to do the same thing. All it took was one high five, and we hung out for the rest of the evening. I got to talk and really hang out with the artists this time. They were a great group of guys, who just want to have fun like the rest of us. They really got a
taste of Detroit and what our city really means to anyone who is from here. 

The Garden Theatre had a great first evening, and Iʼm so excited that Deltron 3030 was the first
artist to break it in.

Photos and words by Chelsea Schneider for MCB

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