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Show Preview: Get Up and Down with Matt Schwartz Berkley Front Friday Oct. 11

Matt Schwartz is a local hip hop truth slayer. Through his many releases, which are all free on his bandcamp page, he spews forth words and phrases that more times than not spell out he’s wasted again and just trying to make the most out of a meager life. His signature is his infectious laugh.  A short, sly giggle that clues you in he’s onto something, just give him time.

His latest release, Uppers and Downers, is his most accomplished album with unique beats that convey a more alternative with soul direction.  As the title suggests there are glorious highs reached with songs like “If the World Ends Tonight At Least We Die When We’re Young” and lows, like the loneliness dropped on “Ghost Town” which features vocals from Charlie Beans.

Matt Schwartz plays the Berkley Front, Friday Oct. 11 with Charlie Beans, CIDI Ent., Warren Peace, Volume, Steady P and DJ Mahf. Doors are at 9pm. 

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