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The Masquerade of the Red Death

There has never been another Halloween event quite like this. Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque Of The Red Death" will be recreated in a live setting. With you at the center of it all.

You are cordially invited to a dark masquerade in our castle on the night of the Red Death, October 26, 2013. The Red Death will lay waste to the countryside. But, in here, with us... you will be safe.

The Masque will be filmed for a later release.

October 26th, 2013: The Masquerade Of The Red Death descends upon Detroit; The Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan, to be precise. We have secured the entire building for the evening, to emulate the 7 rooms of the original story. Be there, 7 pm sharp. I beg of you, do not be late. You will witness performances of every type imaginable, including music, dance, magic, hypnosis, tarot & palm reading, mentalism, psychics, fire performers, aerialists, side shows, roving performers, burlesque and more, including a 30 piece modern chamber music orchestra. Scenes from the story will also be performed live throughout the night by live actors.

Imagine traveling through time to the 19th century and attending a grande masquerade ball in the Prince's castle. The Masquerade Of The Red Death is an 1800s style masquerade ball, forged in the image of Edgar Allen Poe's macabre masterpiece short story, The Mask Of The Red Death. In the imagineering of this event, we draw influence both from Master Poe's original story, and from the 1964 Roger Corman film starring Vincent Price.

Throughout the night, we will play out the events of Poe's original story, combined with events from the 1964 film. Tying these events together will be performers of every type, from music and dance to hypnotism, side shows and wizardry that will leave your brain in a haze. We will also feature tarot and palm readers, and roving performers to be found all throughout the building. Each room will reflect a different color and mood, and have its own entertainment.

At midnight, we hold an absinthe tasting, complete with the ritual of the green fairy.

At 1 AM, the culmination occurs... And the Red Death arrives.

You don't want to miss what happens after that.