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FRI/SAT: Detroit Summer Beer Fest @ Campus Martius Park

Friday June 20 7p-11p
Saturday June 21 1p-5p

"The Celebration of Craft Beer"

In celebration of Craft Beer Month, Metro Times and Ultimate Fun Productions is pleased to announce the 3rd annual "Summer Beer Fest" will be held at Campus Martius on June 20th & June 21st. The 2014 event will be an amazing experience in taste and sound including hot music to compliment cool brews.

Over 60 breweries from around the world, across the state and down the street will showcase their unique libations. The focus of The Summer Beer Festival is the promotion of craft beers and the brewers that create them. This event is the perfect opportunity for beer aficionados, beer lovers and the casual beer drinker to speak to company representatives and brewers responsible for some of their favorite brews. And it's an opportunity to discover and taste new brews and special "limited release" beers and ales.