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GIVE A LITTLE BACK: DFD Engine 1 and Engine 50 Fundraiser

We have all seen what makes Detroit Fire unique among departments, including their long list of Detroit-specific challenges. (And if you haven't been personally duly impressed, do yourself the favor of seeing the fantastic "Burn" at your earliest convenience.) The city being flat-broke is, unfortunately, among them. Take a look at this effort and see if you've got a couple of bucks to pitch in. They really aren't asking for much.

586 CrossFit Asylum is raising money for Engine 1 and Engine 50 of the Detroit Fire Department to perform maintenance and safety upgrades on their respective firehouses.

Engine 1 is in need of a screen door for their kitchen.  They also need to replace or repair the fence around the lot where they park their cars while on duty.  Because of the dilapadated state of the current fence, several  firefighters have had their vehicles broken into and even stolen.

Engine 50 is also in the process of building a fence to protect their personal autos.  Unfortunately, many of Engine 50's crew have suffered stolen tires, tools and personal belongings from their cars.

If we exceed our goal of $1,000, the additional funds will go towards furniture for other DFD houses and an exercise room overhaul for Engine 1.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Ongoing updates can also be found at the Facebook page.