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Tonight: SPEEDY ORTIZ + DESTROY THIS PLACE at Jumbo's - 9pm

Speedy Ortiz is doing a last-minute gig on 6/18 at Jumbo's. Destroy This Place is opening up. Any help promoting the show would be awesome (blog post, interview, etc.).

If you're unfamiliar, Speedy Ortiz is leading the charge as far as indie guitar rock bands go these days. Their sound harkens back to 90s greats like Helium, Archers of Loaf and Polvo. They basically blew the fuck up last year, and just got off the road with the king of indie rock himself, Mr. Stephen Malkmus (and the Jicks). Pitchfork loved their last album "Major Arcana" (on Carpark Records, home of Cloud Nothings, Beach House, and other shit you like), and my 3-year-old son loves them, too. They're from Northhampton, Massachusetts, which, if you didn't know, is where J fuckin' Mascis and Thurston fuckin' Moore live, so there's obviously something in the water up there. They rule and are not to be slept on.
Check them out right here:
Former members of Thunderbirds Are Now!, New Grenada, and Copper Thieves make up Destroy This Place, who are currently working on some monstrous new jams for their next record.  .
Check them out right here:

For more info on the show, check out the link: