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MCB PICK OF THE WEEKEND: Shadow + Honey Detroit Music Scene Meet & Greet // Gear Sale & Swap - Loving Touch Ferndale - Saturday 6/7 3pm - 7pm

MCB is always down to help out the local music and art scene any chance we get 
so when Shadow + Honey asked us if we wanted to kick in 
on their event we were totally down!!

Not only do we now have an excuse to drink in the afternoon 
but we wanted to do what we could in support 
of another great detroit based music blog 

We figured this would be a good time to hold our annual MCB shareholders meeting so many of our wide spread team will be in making appearances and signing autographs

We also made some calls and in typical MCB fashion 
we will have some very super cool prizes to give away 

concert tickets from AEG / Majestic
 the new Metalliblog tshirts from Hype Ignition
music from various large and small record labels

we will have a trained massage therapist 
onsite offering free chair sessions for free 

come on out and meet the our team
buy us beer and get rubbed out for free on the MCB