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323East Gallery presents: DAVID FOOX - Sat Nov 28th 6-11pm

David Foox at 323East Nov. 28th
Artist Reception This Saturday!
Stop by from 6p - 11p
Foox arrives in Detroit this week after spending the past 2 months in Beijing, China with Art openings at notorious and illustrious FEI SPACE in Beijing’s art district and the UCCA Store, China’s equivalent of the MOMA in NYC.
Please Join 323East in welcoming David to town
and check out his amazing new collection.
This will be his only US Solo Exhibition in 2009 / 2010.
Artists turn to the creative muse for any number of reasons, but David Foox may be the only one who admits in his curriculum vitae that it was the stressful New York State Bar Exam that prompted him to pick up the brush. It was a decision that proved fruitful for all concerned - he passed the exam ( with flying colors, no doubt) and then proceeded to become an eclectic master in a wide variety of genres and styles. Some recent chapters in that creative odyssey are worth noting here: Foox created the Organ Donor Dolls, a beguiling array of creatures who dwell happily in that grey area between satire and dark humor.
Nevertheless, they draw attention to an important cause that should come to mind every time you renew a driver's license.Foox pumped up the regional head office of Adidas Shoes in Frisco, Texas with an expansive mural that celebrated more than just the joys of running. Feng shui and primary colors never worked so well together in the Lone Star State!And speaking of feng shui (or matters more weighty), Foox was invited in October of this year to contribute several pieces to a certain Beijing art gallery owned by Chairman Mao's granddaughter. Another great leap forward on that curriculum vitae.Now add a slew of other projects to that list (including a rewarding foray into sculpture), and you may have a clearer notion as to why Foox is judged to be one of the most original and exciting artists working today.Or better still see his November 28 show at 323 East and examine a side to this artist that may surprise you - even after all we've written here.Foox is pursuing new goals these days - goals that will complement his growing interest in symbolic art and an equally urgent desire to come to terms with certain personal matters in his life. Artists do not dwell in ivory towers after all - and there is much to be said about the therapy that comes with work.
and get to 323East this Saturday
November 28th 2009