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BLOG MOMENT and other shit to do tonight in dietroit

One of the best things about having your birthday on Thanksgiving

is it always turns into a week long event without an end in sight

This year is no different - just a little extra special

for reasons I will not disclose and the MCB machine

is hitting the streets all night in typical fashion

with a maniacal directive and ominous tendacies

MCB Road Rager


Here are a few other things to do

but most important is to stay out of our way

Lola Morales plays Black Lotus Brewery

National Ghost plays a show at New Way Bar Ferndale

WOODWARD play Berkley Front

Eastside Elvis plays Cadieux Cafe

Blue Snaggletooth play The Elbow Room Ypsi


but the choice show for tonight
for any detroit music lover
has to be
the return of

When I moved back to Detroit in 2003 the word from many
I encountered was that The Sights were the best band in town...

Truth be told - after checking them live a few times
I was sold as well on a band that seemed fresh every time out

and sounded better with every beer they drank
but then The Sights were no where in sight

and with every passing year watching new bands form
and fade from the various members
one had to wonder if The Sights
were done for good?.?

A few weeks ago there was an email from The Sights Army
who detailed the new EP - a wildly anticipated show (TONIGHT)
as well as a forthcoming new release in 2010

We posted up the info and within hours many of our out of town PR contacts
were emailing us about The Sights hailing them as one of Detroit's best

The band plays a show tonight at The Magic Stick Detroit
If you love Detroit music this is a do not miss show

MCB will be documenting the show tonight
and we have a copy of the new 12" vinyl
to giveaway to the 13th emailer