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FREE X RECORDS VINYL: Frustrations and more this Friday @ Lager House Detroit

Wow...what a killer holiday weekend right? 
Did you get enough turkey and booze?
Are you ready for the rough full 5 day work week ahead?
No - didn't think so....
so we have some free goodies for you to help ease the pain
It all started last Wednesday as the MCB machine made its way through various detroit events in celebratory manner and with little regard for anything other than drinking and driving...of course we were late on our scheduled stops so since we missed Johnny Ill Band and Terrible Twos at Lager House we picked up a few 7" vinyls from X Records (thanks for the donation guys!!) and are now offering them to you as we promote another great band on the label
The Frustrations
who play a show this coming Friday night with a few other touring bands---
get to this show and support local dietroit music -
read below for the scoop
and be the 5th emailer to pick up these soon to be classics
(local detroit winners only - no internationals need apply)
Friday, December 4
Frustrations w/Night of Pleasure, CoCoComa, The Hollows, Bad Rhythm

Headlining this early December night are X! Records leaders Frustrations, featuring label founder Scott X!, who is also in Timmy Vulgar's Human Eye, and Colin Fontana of Fontana.  Night of Pleasure is some white dudes from Jamaica, or so they'd like you to believe.  Fuzz, loud noise and that which comes from the hearts of every Thurston Moorey eternal teenager abounds.  NoP will be an excellent fit for Detroit.  Especially with song names like "Hipster Downgrade."  Goner Records' CoCoComa hails from Chicago.  The band started in the summer of 2005 as the husband & wife duo of Bill & Lisa Roe, with keyboardist/bassist Mike Fitzpatrick joining a short time after. A buncha shows, 2 singles, 3 split 7" and an LP/CD on Goner Records later they still don't practice much and should probably start wearing ear plugs. Seriously. This show is in support of their brand new Goner album, "Things Are Not All Right."  Of Chicago group Hollows, Matt Pais of Metromix says they're "The sort of band you hope to be playing when Scooby-Doo and the gang burst into a haunted rock club, Hollows are a mostly-girl group (with a dude drummer) that turn '60s sounds into a vicious blend of soft harmonies and wheezing organ."  They arrive with their debut LP in tow; out just this week!  Bad Rhythm is a new art noise band featuring members of Druid Perfume and The Dead Bodies.  Sounds good to me!  This is one of their first shows ever.  You know what that means.