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UPCOMING MCB SPONSORED EVENT: Nico Vega - Magic Stick detroit - Mon Dec 14th

The word off the street
was MCB was sponsoring ...
the next Nico Vega show when they came to Dietroit...and honestly I can't say for sure this is the case as of today but our girl RebeccaMich has created this flyer all the same in between the flurry of emails and e-conversation regarding this very topic....
2 reasons its being posted today
well actually 3 reasons
(4th reason is confidential)

1-its ready

2-we want to promote this show
regardless of sponsorship

3-I am impatient and cannot wait for people
to work at the same rate that I do

so please disregard the MCB presents (for now)
Inward Eye opens along with Neon Trees
watch some NV video on the sidebar from Toledo show last month