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UPCOMING SHOW: They Never Sleep - Circus Boy - Margaret Dollrod - SMALLS BAR Hamtramck - Sat Dec 12th

Now that Thanksgiving is over and you are thinking about all the great Detroit music that you took in over a 5 day period - stop - and think again about this lineup that is going to destroy Small's Bar on Saturday December 12th 2009

(solo show!!)
MCB heard about this show a few weeks ago and decided to head over to the Stone House Bar in Detroit to try and get an interview with the amazing Margaret Dollrod who plays guitar every so often for Detroit's Circus Boy....after a few beers with our main man Mike we made our way around back to strike up a conversation with MD.

It turned out that in between the "Hey how have you been?"'s and the "See you on the 12th at Smalls"'s was a bunch of drinking and bullshitting so we got back in touch with Margaret who then did a mini interview with herself via her pal Karen Brown (original drummer from Dollrods)
Check it here and get to this killer detroit show!

MCB-Karen: What's the spirit of Margaret Doll Rod
MDR: I'm like the Energizer Rabbit. I just keep on keepin' on.

MCB-Karen: What keeps you keepin' on?
MDR: The voices inside my head and the eye's in front of my face, and the hearts that are poundin' the same rythm as mine.

MCB-Karen: What was your defining moment in Detroit Rock 'n' Roll?
MDR: My defining moment is every moment that no matter where I am or what it is that I am doing I feel the love and strength of every Detroit soul I've ever touched.

MCB-Karen: What about the souls that have touched you?
MDR: Touched??? They're still touching me.

MCB-Karen: What are you currently working on?
MDR: I'm currently recording my third album and preparing for a tour.

MCB-Karen: Where are you recording?
MDR: I'm recording at a studio in the South of Italy...which origionally was a pressing plant for Bergamont oil.

MCB-Karen: Are there any differences between recording in Detroit and Italy?
MDR: Not really regardless of what language any one speaks they all seem to understand me.

MCB-Karen: Is there anything you miss about Detroit.
MDR: Whenever I start to miss anything I just come back and get me some.

MCB-Karen: Why do you think Detroit musicians eat their own?
MDR: It's crazy what people think so I generally try not to put a whole lot of thought in to what others are doing. I generally go for experiences and I've had some great ones. So I gotta say something nice, about Detroit, cause I'm thankful for all the amazing experiences, and people who have been here for me, supported me gave me some love, and shared their music with me, and I've never seen them eating each other.

MCB-Karen: What was the best moment in Detroit Rock History for you?
MDR: They're all so good, and just when I think it was the best something better happens, well it could be happening any minute.

MCB-Karen: Why did you photograph yourself on top of the Joe Louis Fist?
MDR: To get a better look at the Detroit River.

MCB-Karen: If you were a Motor City Hot Rod what kind of Hot Rod would you be?
MDR: I am a Motor City Hot Rod!
And I'll be revvving my engine early December 12th at Small's