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Today is Kirk MOTORCITYBLOG's birthday. And yes it is one word and all in CAPS.

Non Stop Music

What do you give the man who has everything? Appreciation.

I met Kirk at the Pontiac Vibe event a few years back. He was there doing video with Sue who explained what MCB was all about. "Hot women, fast cars and Rock-n-Roll". And it is, but so much more. It's a place of opportunity and a feeling of community and belonging.

That comes from Kirk.

I know much of my success comes from the opportunities that Kirk has either offered or fought for me to get. I have have met many of my favorite musicians, actors and artists - it's unreal. I have also had the opportunity to grow as a photographer and to build a clientele. And he does this for so many people it would take a year of non stop list writing by four hundred and seventy six million people to get half the list done.

Seriously Kirk works hard to make sure he promotes everyone equally. True, he might have a few favorites but, unless your a completed Detard, he promotes the band no one knows with the same passion he would for a big named artists. Actually that's bull shit. He would promote your stuff more and harder if you are the no name band. I have seen quite a few bands become more popular with MCB on their side.

And it goes for more than just music. He is a huge supporter of the arts as well. This past PAF (People's Art Festival) he spent more than a grand so that other people could promote themselves or their businesses. Many of us at MCB benefited from the "MCB Lounge". He promotes the events at the DIA , Music Hall and many local independent business. He also gives away more free stuff than any other media in Dietroit.

I think Kirk is one of the best things the city of Detroit has. Someone who sees and knows what's right about the City. Someone who loves this area more than anyone I know. He does it because he wants to, and does it all for free. Now ask the CEO and she'll tell you it actually costs him.

Kirk has an amazing and beautiful wife. Karen is a way cooler chick than me. She puts up with Kirk and all his genius ideas and raises their two supercuteomgIwannaeatthemup kids. He's a family man who likes to spend Sundays at home with his sons. I personally don't know how Kirk does any of this. Did I mention his very fancy job? You know "science labs" and all. Yeah. Seriously. Superman.

So I ask you, all of you who have benefited from knowing Kirk, to take a moment and say, "Thank You" the next time you see him. I have a feeling he'll be hearing it for the whole year.

And no, Kirk, you can't blow it off and say it's because of all of us. There wouldn't be all of us if it wasn't for you. Thank you Kirk, I am proud to call you my friend and Happy Birthday.