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Concert Review: Peter Murphy, She Wants Revenge and Hussle Club Crofoot 11/25/2011

This year I’ve been reliving my youth and seeing the bands I grew up listening to like OMD, Men Without Hats and the star of this show, Peter Murphy. While the show was billed with the emphasis on She Wants Revenge as they probably do sell more records than Peter Murphy, the focus at the show was on Peter Murphy. Give credit to SWR as they told the crowd to save themselves for Peter, during  their set full of new, old and even some B-sides. If you came to the show a little late you probably missed Hussle Club, who played an early 30 minute set of a hard post punk that also featured some updated dance rhythms. As mentioned above, SWR played some of their early hits and their closing with “Out of Control” and “Tear You Apart” received loud appreciation from the crowd.
At age 54, Peter Murphy, shows your years as a musician and singer with one of the richest, as well as deepest vocals, can still put on a show that includes all the raw energy of his early years and all the beauty of his more delicate later releases. When he’s rowdy onstage, dancing and preening, he still reminds me of an Iggy Pop impersonator. But, it’s his quieter, reflective songs that elevate his show above comparisons. He showed an angry  streak during the show as he railed his sound man for checking his cell phone. In fact, I would say Peter is perfectionist at his art and has those same expectations for those around him, even choosing to restart “A Strange Kind of Love” when he was more than more than midway through it. His set also featured four Bauhaus songs, my favorite being “In the Flat Fields” which had Peter berating his drummer to “play faster, play faster!” He ended the show slowing way down with a somber encore of a three-song suite that included "Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem."
Below is a video I made from the show featuring a few moments I was able to catch with Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge and Prince Terrence of Hussle Club.

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